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Following International week of Entrepreneurship, International network of business women in cooperation with HGK Split and European Entrepreneurship network, there was Little school of Entrepreneurship which lasted for 2 days and it was created for business women and the one who will become business women. Lesson was held 6th and 13th May 2019. with goal of achieving new knowledge and skills in company leading.

Ivana Radić, president of association of International business network of business women and director of Present communications d.o.o. which gives a lot of services like consulting services in market and public relations, increasing profit services and Aleksandra Carvalho, director of company Mereor d.o.o. which mainly do accounting services were lecturers on this event. Participants had possibility to get information about all important topics connected with starting own business and developing already existing one. How to prepare well, how to promote and present on social networks and how to find good accounting service were only some of topics on lesson. Although it was opened for everyone and free, only more than 20 women attended this event. Despite small percent of business women in Croatia, around 20%, it is not about inequality and discrimination of women in business, maybe it is about something else?



Small and middle entrepreneurs came together to“ Investment breakfast Stech accelerator“ at Thursday in hotel Marvie in Split on the initiative of host- Stech accelerator and Entrepreneurship group UHY in Croatia which presented services of consultation for entrepreneurs. They have even offered to connect them with potential investitor.

This event was the final phase of EU project „ New developmental step of Entrepreneurship accelerator Split“ which is being implemented from 1st May 2018. till 1st May 2019. During this period, there were 10 different lectures and info days with over 200 participants, small and middle entrepreneurs from Dalmacija and Zagreb.

Total value of project is 701.367,62 kn from which 596.162,47 were funds from EU fond for regional development.

„How to invest in startup?“ was topic created by director of UNIST Tech park d.o.o. Krešimir Budiša. He named his topic „the search for the unicorn“ which will generate huge returns for investitor.

The main problem for investitor in Croatia is lack of labor strength and taxes. Thanks to these problems, a lot of start-ups leave Croatia because capital has no limits. He emphasized Estonia as a positive example which has digitized all processes and created good judical and technological framework for business.



There is no free time for entrepreneurs. Because of that reason it is very important to love what we do, to be more effective and efficient. Just 2 days after we hosted various Entrepreneurship centers, incubators and city associations, we got possibility to attend 3P conference on University of Economy in Split.

The topic of conference was New scene and sustainable tourism. Importance of the topic could be seen from the number of students who attended conference. In their opinion, Petar Ančić( Blinkee), Jakov Vetma( Mayor of Klis), Marko Pavić( Minister of Labor and the Pension System) stood out the most. We are honored to emphasize that our external associate Tomislav Zović( Klikeri) was one of the speakers.

It is very important to emphasize the number of students and young people who attended 3P Split because they were not forced to come but they wanted to learn to be able to change things in the world.



Student Entrepreneurship incubator, Entrepreneurship incubator Klis, Croatian economic chamber and Club of young people, Dražen Drnas and Damir Mišetić were only some of  participant in Entrepreneurship day organized by Business club of Aspira 27th February 2019.

Main goal of Entrepreneurship day was to enable students of Split- Dalmatian region and other young entrepreneurs to find out all information about Entrepreneurship from the first hand. All participant had a chance of meeting entrepreneurs and to exchange their opinions and to discuss about problems they face on the market.

Some of debate topics were:

Comparison of business climate of Croatia and the rest of the world. Is the same to start project in Croatia or in the world? Advantages and disadvantages. What are legal obstacles? What are market needs?

If these topics intrigued you, follow our web page of Business club Aspira to get answers on key issues about Entrepreneurship and more information about our future projects.



In HGK –Regional chamber in Split at Tuesday, 26th February, at 11am there was round table with topic „ Foreign labor strength – challenges and solutions for successful turistic season.“ There was meeting in which a lot of representatives from economic sector and public sector took part with goal of finding solutions in sectors of tourism and market.

Representatives of companies from these two sectors presented problems and real state on market. Representatives from HZZ, police administration, regional services of HZZ, Croatian chamber of Commerce and agency for employing from Croatia and BIH tried to find solution which will solve problem of lack of quality labor strength.

People who took part in this meeting think that this problem is solvable with increasing permitted number of foreign workers. Some of them even started talking about importing workers from Filipino islands. They think that Filipinos are very loyal and quality workers and that they are great replacement for Croatian people who are not working enough in these sectors.



Thanks to „ Croatian economy chamber“ we got possibility to present our actual project of digitalization of museums. Coordinator of project, Arsen Radović: „ As a part of Night of museums which has topic of digitalization and innovation this year, we plan to implement interactive virtual walks through museums with variant and attractive content which is especially interesting for younger population. For this project, we will have Online platform which will make this idea possible.

This way we would like to thank Croatian economy chamber for recognizing our quality project and for being nicely hosted



On 15 th January 2019 we hosted Youth Club Split at Aspira Entrepreneurship Club. Youth Club president Romana Ban and vice-president Matea Bešlić introduced us to club activities and goals. Youth Club Split was founded in 2012 by ex-leaders of local student organizations of Split University as youth association.

Youth Club has few hundred members who participate in various activities. The club aspires to promote critical thinking and activism of young people in Split and surrounding areas. Some of the key issues the club supports are: youth empowerment, youth employment and social inclusivity.

The basic aim of Youth Club Split is to activate young people at all social levels, to inform them about their rights and social needs, and to promote and protect their interests. Club mission is to create and offer the best opportunities for social and professional development of youngsters and to encourage them by all means. Their vision is that Split becomes number one city of social and professional opportunities for youth,



This week we had a chance to get familiar with the activities of Business Centre Solin and their representative, Mrs. Ivka Hrgović. The Centre is less active these days due to the fact that its members are mainly volunteers. Although its activities didn’t include a start-up incubator, they offered various services for a small fee, such as: counselling and marketing services and business plan development.

The idea of Business Centre Solin was to attract young people to entrepreneurship and to help them navigate through business activities, so they could become independent business professionals equipped with all the necessary tools and tricks of trade. To achieve that,

Business Centre Solin annually organized so called “Start-up Camps”, where the participants would attend various workshops, lectures and panel discussions, in the duration of 3 to 4 days, with the aim of developing their potential as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Business Centre Solin has a lot of successful and renowned entrepreneurs and lecturers from Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO), who eagerly share their experience and knowledge with Club members.



On 11 th January 2019 we visited the Croatian Chamber of Economy which represents and promotes interests of business people. We were cordially hosted in the County Chamber of Economy Split by Antonija Bašić. Our meeting was joined by the County Chamber president, Joze Tomaš, who wholeheartedly supported our idea of founding Aspira Entrepreneurship club.

The latest strategic project, “Digital Chamber”, is extremely useful and important for all entrepreneurs, as a new information-communication platform for e-services of Croatian Chamber of Economy, available to all members and business community, as well as public administration and citizens. Web portal Digital Chamber has all the information important for entrepreneurs, such as average salaries, employment statistics, GDP, inflation, export data, as well as competitors’ information.



On the 18 th of December 2018 Aspira Entrepreneurship Club visited the Student Start-up Incubator Split and met the founder of the incubator, Lana Ugrčić, who kindly welcomed us and expressed her support for Aspira Business Club.

The mentors of Start-up Incubator are professors and associates who professionally help the advancement of student users of incubator.

The incubator is open to all the students in Split who are proactive and business-oriented, with the goal of promoting youth entrepreneurship and increasing the success rate of their start-up endeavours.



On the 13 th of December 2018, as a newly-founded Entrepreneurship Club, we visited Start-up Incubator Klis with the aim of learning about start-ups generally and familiarizing with a particular example. The Start-up Incubator Klis is owned and managed by the County of Klis and as such represents the operative institution for design and implementation of strategic development of the County of Klis.

The basic function of incubator is to help develop new family-run farms, businesses and new production lines of current entrepreneurs, particularly women business owners. The other area of Incubator activities is directed towards EU project management, education and documentation development for the County of Klis, as well as other Incubator users. Their mission is to create successful entrepreneurs, who will continue their independent business careers after leaving the Incubator.



Uz pomoć Hrvatske gospodarske komore dobili smo mogućnost predstaviti naš aktualni projekt digitalizacije muzeja.

Nositelj projekta, Arsen Radović: “U sklopu Noći muzeja koji ove godine ima temu digitalizaciju i inovaciju planiramo implementirati interaktivne virtualne šetnje s raznim atraktivnim sadržajem pogotovo za mlađu populaciju koje će se nalaziti na online platformi.”

Ovim putem se zahvaljujemo Hrvatskoj gospodarskoj što su prepoznali naš kvalitetan projekt i što su nas lijepo ugostili.