In case you haven’t heard about us!

Entrepreneurship club

Aspira Entrepreneurship Club was founded on November 28 th , 2018 with the aim of expanding practical knowledge by igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship and developing student business activities.
Entrepreneurship Club serves the purpose of meeting the need for practical entrepreneurship knowledge. As such, it actively promotes, develops and strengthens students’ business skills.
Supported by their mentors, students will get familiar with real-life entrepreneurship through various workshops, seminars, plenary meetings and other forms of extra-curricular activities.
They will learn about entrepreneurial incentives and networking, business plan development and similar business activities.

The founders and project managers are students Karla Mesić, Toni Boren Prkić and Arsen Radović. Project coordinator is prof. Mario Buble.

Volunteering members are Maja Zelić and Tomislav Zović who offered to share their business knowledge and experience with Aspira Entrepreneurship Club, recognizing students’ dedication and hard work, as well as the Club potential.